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Discovering the wisdom and intelligence that lie inside you, regardless of the experience you're going through.

At Pathway to Insight, you can learn about:

Discover the 3 key differences between the traditional and observable (seen) “Physical Cause and Effect” and the hidden (unseen) “Psychological/Mental/Spiritual Cause and Effect ©.”

A single and simple formula that accounts for every human experience, without exception, so we can have peace of mind as the experience will “no longer be the boss of us.”

An extraordinary diagrammatic exposition of coming face to face to discovering the true source of all human experiences.

“Where we find the source of the experience, so too is the wisdom that provides the remedy.”

It’s not about what we experience, it’s about what it took to produce what we experience.

“Would you rather have a good experience in order to be happy, or would you rather be happy regardless of what you’re experiencing?”

There isn’t a thought that isn’t on a trajectory. Now, we have the chance to lay to rest many entire trajectories of thought we don’t need to think anymore. Our minds get a lot quieter and more peaceful.

A vivid and visual walkthrough of how we relate to every human being including our loved ones, both positive and negative. When we see how it happens, we have a solid direction that would allow us to connect to others more deeply than ever before.

An unprecedented type of transformative coaching that takes effort and willpower completely out of the equation for both client and coach. As a result, insightful territory appears and “paradigm-based insights” become possible. Paradigm-based insights causes the heart and mind of the client to experience a paradigm shift. From this new and deeper paradigm, the client experiences a deeper resilience, happiness, wisdom and intelligence that leads to profoundly deep and positive experiences that will impress on their lives, both inwardly and outwardly, on a increasing basis.

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