The Three Principles can be life-changing. It has happened.

For many people interested in understanding how human experience works, the Three Principles understanding can be seen as not helpful, or irrelevant to their lives, or ineffective in doing the job it’s supposed to do.

When you make a “mistake”, misunderstanding how the Three Principles work, you’re left in the dark, often without any clues about why you’re not getting the result you expected. Even worse, some clues you do pick up turn out to be misleading!

These bewildering surprises take us out of flow and shake our confidence. No wonder so many of us don’t enjoy learning about the Three Principles!

Despite all appearances, though, the Three Principles is actually a deeply consistent and robust paradigm. It feels unpredictable because there is a system involved, a system that is totally invisible to us.

The Three Principles is an implicit paradigm.

It doesn’t matter how many years you spend learning about the Three Principles – if you don’t learn how its underlying system works, your mental model will always be incomplete.

Think about how most of us learn about the Three Principles: we focus on getting the experiences we want, instead of focusing on understanding the paradigm that produces these experiences. We learn ”intellectual tricks”, trying to control for specific experiences, instead of looking toward the deeper paradigm-level concepts that explain ALL experience.

It’s like trying to solve a puzzle when you’re missing pieces. Except it’s even worse, since we blame ourselves for not getting the results we want!

The Three Principles are built-in.

Everybody is born with the Three Principles built into how our minds work, but this innate design remains hidden until you insightfully uncover them.

It’s not uncommon for people to assume that they’re missing some sort of “Three Principles gene,” or that they’re just not good at this sort of stuff. And it’s the most unfair self-criticism in the world. If you learn the rules of how the Three Principles work, you can be good at it too!

Becoming proficient with your Three Principles understanding is game-changing. All of a sudden, the most frustrating part of the Three Principles becomes fun! As a human being, we spend so much energy trying to have positive experiences or avoid negative experiences, when we could be embracing both, using them to become more and more resilient, confident, connected, and mentally healthy.

So how do you learn the rules of the Three Principles? Well, you can spend countless hours listening to teachers, reading 3P books, or attending workshops and seminars, followed by a few years “practising”, hoping the rules will impact you.  Sometimes it is worthwhile, but not for me – the journey was long and arduous.

I would now like to help expedite that process for you. Since my first genuine insight in 2015, I’ve been packaging all the insights, experiences, and knowledge I gained into a straightforward, effective way to help you to learn about the Three Principles for yourself. 

You deserve to know the universal, guiding principles behind human experience. It’s been 50 years (1973) since they were uncovered by Sydney Banks.  I believe that you can connect to this innate paradigm and discover for yourself its genuine power to educate and evolve you insightfully. A life of more inner resilience, a quieter mind, less reactivity to circumstances, to love regardless, is your genuine birthright.  I invite you to an exciting and insightful learning experience on your own Pathway to Insight.