The Two Trees!

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Beyond Beliefs: The Lost Teachings of Sydney Banks by Linda Quiring
Excerpt from Chapter 8: The Riddle of Duality

(Roger asked Syd,) There’s seeing and there’s…. SEEING, right! What’s the difference?
Syd glanced toward the window and something there captured and held him for long moments until I thought he wasn’t going to answer, or else he had completely forgotten about SEEING. One never knew!

“See that tree?” He nodded towards a towering cedar whose lower branches almost swept the ground beneath.

“Yesss…” Roger replied hesitantly, as if by now he wasn’t quite sure of anything.

“Everyone,” continued Syd, “sees this same tree. Yet a man of knowledge sees two trees. One is the illusion. The other is real!”

“Are you saying there are two trees?!!” Roger’s voice was incredulous. “Are you seeing double?”

He glanced quickly out of the window as if to make certain the number of trees really there.

“No,” Syd replied with a patient smile, “it has nothing to do with seeing double.”

He paused. I knew that look! Syd was going to mystify us completely with a description of SEEING, one that none of us would SEE!”

Suddenly, he became very serious. “Listen!” His voice became a whisper… “But don’t try to figure it out!”

Again, the voice changed. “the reason a man of knowledge SEES two trees is because they are one!”

“You see two trees because they are one!” Roger was bewildered and his eyes swept around the room to each face, only to find we all looked as bewildered as he.

Syd was grinning and looked as if he might burst into great peals of laughter any moment. He knew he had us baffled!

“This can only be understood when you see IT in action,” he continued. “IT being the essence of all life. To see IT needs no thought. IT is before the creation of the tree. It just IS! See life as just-is and you will see the duality from the singular is the creator of the illusionary duality. Therefore, there is no duality! Just IT!”

“Syd!” Roger exclaimed, “That’s the most confusing sentence I’ve ever heard. You’re talking in riddles!”

“Perhaps if you would just listen instead of trying to figure it out, you would see that it was you who created the riddle, not I!”

“I created the riddle?” came a disbelieving reply.

“Truth is not a riddle,” Syd replied. “It is a simple fact. Not your fact – because your facts are of no value. They are only beliefs in the disguise of FACT.”

“It is a riddle to you because your mind sees only one tree; therefore, you are seeing in duality. If you could SEE the oneness, you would SEE two trees because the inside and outside exist at once, hence; two trees. Unless you SEE this, you live in a world of duality, not ONENESS.”

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