December 2020: Brett Chitty coaching Barbara Harris

On this page are jumplinks for the above video so you can jump from place to place in the video timeline without having to do any “timeline scrubbing.” It’ll save you some work and frustrations.

Also, there is a downloadable PDF at the bottom of this page where it describes in more detail some of what the coach, Brett Chitty, was thinking at the time during the coaching conversation.

Lastly, we will have a debrief on this session on Monday 4th January 2021, where we can share our observations, questions, criticisms and so on. Please don’t hold back, the idea is for YOU to get some insightful benefit.

We also have a dedicated discussion thread on this call as well, which you are invited to take part in. You can find this thread by clicking on this link here. (clicking on the link opens a new tab)

This is intended to be a one-off call, as we are testing the waters of how the members respond to this recording. We might add this as a regular addition as part of your PTI membership in a few months’ time.

Lessons in this course: