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PTI 23 Outside in Traps

Common Outside-In Traps

Common Outside-In Traps

In this meeting, we’re going to be looking at some common Outside-in Traps that we innocently fall for. By discussing some of these common traps, we can become a little bit more aware of what is actually going on, and give ourselves a better chance to not go so far into the trap and come out of it.

Some of these traps can be totally invisible until we see it, surprising us in the process and we become grateful for having at least witnessed the Outside-In at work.

Who Can Attend?

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About Brett Chitty

Brett knows that your understanding into the human experience is not getting the a-ha moment you need.

He believes that every person deserves to know the guiding principles of human experience, so people can live a healthier, happier, resilient and meaningful lives.

When people insightfully recognise the guiding principles, they live a more fulfilling and generous life.