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FW Diving Deeper into the Power of Thought 2

Diving Deeper into the Power of Thought

Diving Deeper into the Power of Thought

One of the best ways to learn about the Power of Thought is to uncover aspects of the principle that we didn’t know it exhibited. As we learn to factor in these new aspects of the Power of Thought, we appreciate and respect more deeply the role the Power of Thought plays in our everyday lives.

Such aspects we will cover include a) What the Power of Thought produces, b) What goes into the Power of Thought, and c) What are the properties of the Power of Thought?

Please feel free to join Brett in this free webinar, which is a continuation of the “Free PTI Trainings” series here at Pathway to Insight.

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About Brett Chitty

Brett knows that your understanding into the human experience is not getting the a-ha moment you need.

He believes that every person deserves to know the guiding principles of human experience, so people can live a healthier, happier, resilient and meaningful lives.

When people insightfully recognise the guiding principles, they live a more fulfilling and generous life.