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FW The Pathway to Insight Diagram

The Pathway to Insight Diagram ©

The Pathway to Insight Diagram ©

The Pathway to Insight Diagram is a surprisingly powerful presentation of comparing how we can have a human experience that has the Power of Thought included compared to having a human experience that doesn’t have the Principle of Thought included.

It will not take long to realise that these two possibilities of how human experience can occur are indeed contradictory – meaning that both possibilities cannot be right at the same time – at least one must be wrong.

If one is wrong, then the thinking about our own individual experience based on the wrong possibility will also be wrong. This gives us the opportunity to stop us from continuing to think in a way that’s based on a wrong possibilities, saving us energy in the process.

This gives us an opportunity to self-correct, to discover another way of thinking about the human experience that does give us an new perspective to the human experience that benefits us in a way that naturally makes us mentally healthy and resilience and confident.

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About Brett Chitty

Brett knows that your understanding into the human experience is not getting the a-ha moment you need.

He believes that every person deserves to know the guiding principles of human experience, so people can live a healthier, happier, resilient and meaningful lives.

When people insightfully recognise the guiding principles, they live a more fulfilling and generous life.