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Understanding what is going on from a completely different paradigm/dimension.

At Pathway to Insight, we talk about the Three Principles of Mind, Thought, and Consciousness – a trinity of profound spiritual principles from a paradigm/dimension that no one has told you about.

“But Why?” I hear you ask. “I want you to solve my problems!”

The Good News (Part 1)

The main reasons why we DON’T talk about your problems.

The hidden and inevitable disappointments of talking about your problems.

If we focus on your problems, we’ll only get more problems.

Due to the nature of thought-based trajectories, focusing on a problem means that we are using a problem as a basis for our thinking. Solutions won’t be found in the same place where the problems are (otherwise we would ALL be brilliant problem solvers!) Solutions, therefore, must come from somewhere else.

Here’s a question that is self-explanatory.

Do you think that focusing on your problems will solve your problems? How many times did it actually help you?

You’ve probably tried many times, and I’m sure it was a very difficult and challenging process for you. Chances are, it had an awful “Truly Solved” track record as well.

Why keep using what doesn’t work? There’s got to be another way, a better way. And there is. A much nicer way.

Do you want to change/fix the problems of the past?

Do you have a time-traveling device? Unlikely. The past is done, complete, finished.

Does the past have the power to determine how you are in this moment in time? No, it doesn’t, even though it really looks like it does. It still doesn’t. Not. one. bit.

While nobody can change what happened in the past, our perspective of it in this moment is changeable, raising the possibility of changing how we observe the past from the present moment we are in.

When our perspective of the past changes, we realize that the past no longer has the power to contaminate the present moment, freeing ourselves from the chains of the past. We are free to be present and experience life anew.

Therefore, focusing on the past is not the way to rediscover our happiness and well-being.

Focusing on problems always brings about negative and often painful feelings and experiences.

Do you want to feel more positive? Happier? Hopeful? Optimistic? To have that beaming smile put back on your face?

If yes, then why would you focus on that which caused such negativities in the first place?

Otherwise, all you are doing is extending the shelf-life of such negativities well past their use-by date.

A genuine and loving therapist will not allow the conversation to go to a place where you can feel rotten about yourself, or to make you re-experience needless pain.

The therapist will instead guide you to a place where love and understanding and wisdom reside. Here you can evolve spiritually and realize it’s possible to live a life with grace and gratitude for what the Principles have to offer you and without having any negativities hanging over you.

Do you want to be an inspiring, capable, wise, and resilient person with NO techniques, willpower, and effort required?

Have you noticed how techniques, willpower, effort, and almost all therapies only bring temporary benefits before they lose their effectiveness? It’s called the Placebo Effect. Yet psychologies treat it with great importance. A temporary effect, however, can never be permanent.

When it finally fails, you’ll likely go hunting for new techniques and ideas (“The Great Search”), a never-ending addiction to “more.” The addiction itself prevents you from seeing that you’ve become addicted to the Great Search for the “answer” to your suffering.

I’m 99.99% certain you’ve met someone in your life who demonstrates such highly appreciated qualities as inspiration, capability, wisdom, and resiliency. They knew how to listen and be present with you. You knew this person was “with you” and understood you.

I’m also guessing that such a person’s admired qualities are not the result of any techniques, willpower, or effort. It’s as if they get it all for free and don’t have to “work hard at it!” We sometimes call them the lucky ones, but it really has nothing to do with luck.

Why can’t you be like such a person as well? You can, you just don’t know how – yet!

The Good News (Part 2)

The overarching reasons why we DO talk about the Three Principles of Mind, Thought, and Consciousness.

The hidden and awesome benefits of talking about the Principles of Mind, Thought, and Consciousness.

How you relate to “You” must be different

Because who you thought you were has changed, you realize that who you are really isn’t solid, it’s changeable.

This in turn opens up completely new and exciting possibilities that you didn’t know were possible for who you could be.

Many negative aspects of who you thought you were, such as victimization are no longer a certainty. A mental health diagnosis loses its power because it is no longer relevant to, no longer “fits” the different “who you are,” after the change. The old self-image no longer exists as true for you.

This is true change on a fundamental level. It’s transformative.

How you relate to circumstances and the past must be different

Your circumstances or your past no longer determine your experience of them. You understand that it’s your mind that determines how you see the circumstances and the past.

Therefore, with a completely new “reference point” from another dimension, the solutions and opportunities that present themselves to you will be of a completely different nature.

You won’t be using the old, useless reference points anymore because the solutions they yielded were never real, lasting solutions. They were either a way of managing the problem or exchanging one problem for another. Problems appeared to be an ongoing force of nature, never coming to an end.

As a result of this change in your ‘reference point’, you become a far more resilient and efficient problem solver, no longer ruminating forever about how to move forwards.

How you relate to others must be different

You used to believe that how you were with others was dependent on them. For example, you’ll only love them if they love you first. You’ll only be nice to them if they are nice to you first.

Not any more! Now, the power to determine how you’re going to be comes from within yourself, regardless of what others do. No matter how much others love you, no matter how much others may feel about you, you can now love them completely with all your heart.

From this perspective, we’re no longer talking about a personal love, like “I love my mom,” or “I love my children.” We’re talking about a much more profound kind of love, a universal love that has its source in another dimension, from which inspiring thoughts and feelings will come pouring into you. You experience a deeper, more peaceful understanding of life than you had ever imagined possible.

How you relate to mental life must be different

From this deeper dimension, what you thought “thinking” is was too superficial. As you realize the deeper nature of thinking, you will also realize that you can’t be “captured” by your own thinking, even though it used to feel that way. Thinking actually has a transient nature, designed to flow like a river, always ending up in the ocean from whence it began its journey.

You used to focus on the content of your thinking, the “what” in your thinking, trying to do something about it. But because you can now better recognize thinking for what it is, it makes a lot less sense to dam up your thinking and building up pools of burdensome thoughts.

Understanding the deeper nature of thinking and the role it creating your feeling/experience, you are better able to use the gift of thinking more wisely. You find that you are experiencing more positivity more frequently, more deeply, and for longer, sustained periods of time. You become positive!

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People who have insight into the Three Principles of Mind, Thought, and Consciousness inevitably find unexpected solutions.

People who won’t explore or look at the Three Principles of Mind, Thought, and Consciousness inevitably find unexpected problems.

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