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You’re either in Wisdom or in Thinking.

The Three Principles + Paradigmology = Wisdom Living.
Unlocking the extraordinary and surprising secrets of your heart and mind.

The Three Principles

The Principles of Mind, Thought, and Consciousness allow us to have a mental existence and therefore function as human beings.


Paradigmology reveals a “how-it-works” science and logic that removes the guesswork of subject-based learning, creating an exciting education.

Wisdom Living

Together, the Three Principles and Paradigmology create a supportive and practical direction for Wisdom to come to life and evolve effortlessly.

Something that produces mental life is what can lift us.
Level UP Your Three Principles Knowledge

Meeting you where you are with the Three Principles and connecting to your wisdom.

“The Three Principles” is the baseline behind all mental existence, including all thoughts and all feelings, experiences, and behaviors.


Paradigmology provides discipline, constraint, direction, rigor, logic, and education.

Paradigmology highlights the two paradigmatic ways (or frameworks) of using the same mind. We compare and contrast these two ways. One will take you to the safety of calm seas, and the other takes you to rocky shores. Without the education of such paradigms, we are usually resigned to making guesses and hoping for a positive outcome.

Two Ways of Using the Same Mind
Do you want to experience a different paradigm/dimension?

Insight “transports” you to another paradigm that very few know about. You’re invited!

With the Three Principles and Paradigmology combined, we discover that there is a home within our hearts and minds where love, wisdom, and knowledge reside. Mental health is granted to those who uncover this. You’re just one insight away from this experience. An insight that has the potential to explain ALL human feelings, experiences, and behaviors you’ve ever exhibited. We naturally live a resilient and confident life, without the need for any techniques, willpower, or mental behaviors.

What You Get

When you join the PTI Wisdom Community, you’ll get the following

A Live Zoom Meeting Every Month

We meet up on the 3rd Thursday every month, at 5 pm UK time. The meeting can take up to 2 hours. You can ask Brett Chitty questions about anything. He’ll respond from a “Three Principles” perspective with paradigms. Brett’s explanations are sometimes deep, profound, and logical, yet never lose sight of the one thing that matters – Your Insight.

A Private Community Area

There is a private and restricted area in the PTI Community exclusively for the PTI Wisdom Community members. Brett Chitty will make regular contributions and responses to what the members are saying. This gives us all a chance to learn from each other while not losing sight of the Inside-Out Paradigm.

Access to All Recordings

Every recording made in this membership since its inception will be available for you to watch at your leisure. The recordings are broken down into shorter parts to make them easier to fit into your schedule.


Brett Chitty, your guide.

“Brett shows the way to Wisdom.”

Many people who have encountered Brett’s way of sharing the Three Principles know that he has taken a direction that’s not found anywhere else. They discover something different, unexpected, and invigorating, offering another perspective that surprises, delights, and astonishment.

Brett knows that your understanding of the human experience is not getting the a-ha moment you need.
He believes that every person deserves to know the guiding principles of human experience, so people can live a healthier, happier, resilient, and more meaningful life.
When people insightfully recognize the guiding principles, they live a more fulfilling and generous life.

Join the PTI Wisdom Community