Mental Health is not being bound by:

  • circumstances or events
  • the past or the future
  • a person or an identity
  • any thoughts or thinking
  • any feeling/experience/behavior
  • anything in time, space, or matter

Discover the Universal Guiding Principles of Human Functioning so you can live a more fulfilling, resilient, connected, and happier life.

The Insight and Paradigmology Membership

Open to everyone, anytime.

You will discover there are two contrasting and contradictory paradigms of human functioning. One will guide you to insight and unexpected solutions, and the other will lead you to unforeseen problems and disappointment.

The Properties of a True Principle

2-day Online Training. November 27 & 28

All human problems are solved by a True Principle, never by a non-principle. When we start realizing the true nature of a principle, the real transformative power and wisdom are no longer concealed from us.