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PTI  LIVE  2021

February 28th, March 1st & 2nd, 2021

On day 1, Sunday 28th February

Illuminating what the Power of Thought does

Many people know they experience thoughts. Few, however, know what Thought is, even less what Thought does. When you see what Thought does, your entire world-view changes.

Why learning about what the Power of Thought does can help you

We now know that the Power of Thought is the sole agent and source behind your world-view. When your world-view changes, your previous familiar thoughts no longer make sense, because the world-view they were based on no longer exists. As a natural by-product of a more expansive, objective world view, you receive higher, more positive thoughts, a wisdom previously unseen.


The Psychology Formula ©

We have a good idea of the natural cause and effect in the world. There is also a psychological/spiritual cause and effect. The Psychology Formula © is the world’s first ever articulation of the psychological/spiritual cause and effect; accounting for all human experiences, without exception – including all the joys and all the ills we’ve been through. And happily, it is surprisingly simple. If you can do addition in math, you can learn The Psychology Formula ©.

How the Psychology Formula © make us rethink how we think

Many people want better thoughts in order to solve their problems. It is a noble pursuit. But often, mostly unconsciously, we look outside to see what we can change in an effort to change our experience. This is because we believe that our feelings are coming from the outside and thus we have thoughts in the direction of changing the outside. This effort often fails, however, and we wonder why. We find ourselves coming up with unfulfilling explanations, or if we do succeed, it is a hollow victory that leaves us frustrated and unsatisfied. There remains a deeper yearning for an experience that’s more substantial and meaningful, an experience that feels true, permanent and complete in itself.The Psychology Formula © demonstrates that we have two different ways of using our one mind – two different orientations – one in which we’re looking to the outside for a better experience, and one in which we’re looking to the inside for a better experience. It brings to awareness the dramatic change in our experience when the orientation of our mind shifts from looking towards the outside to looking within: from a perspective in which the Law of Love does not exist (outside), to a perspective in which the Law of Love resides (inside). The inside is where our deeper thoughts and feelings come from. Outside-based thoughts will not do anything deep or lasting for you.Understanding the Psychology Formula © can make a very practical difference in your daily life by the elimination of your outside-based thoughts that will no longer make sense to you. The more you see for yourself how we use our one mind in two contradictory ways and the far-reaching implications of this understanding, the wiser you’ll be in knowing which one to use.


On day 2, Monday 1st March

The Pathway to Insight Diagram ©

A simple and straightforward contemplation of how the Psychology Formula © is playing out in any experience you are going through, leading you to a space where you could have insight into how your own experience was created.

The PTI Diagram © points the way to freedom of mind

Once you see how thinking and experience are created in your life, your feeling and experience are no longer the boss of you. You no longer feel helpless or victimized by negative thoughts because they no longer enter your mind in the first place. Thus the elimination of the need for any techniques or the use of willpower aimed at dealing with unwanted thoughts because they no longer enter your experience!

The Double Feeling Ladder System ©

As pointed out above, there are two ways of using our own minds which naturally results in two very different ways of perceiving, or thinking about, our felt experiences.

Which Feeling Ladder will you be using?

We may be quite familiar with diagrams in psychology that depict a Feeling Ladder, typically with positive emotions at the top and negative emotions at the bottom. Now, because, as we’ve discussed, there are two ways of using our mind, there is actually only one true Feeling Ladder, an understanding that takes us deeper than the Ladder that splits our feelings into “good” ones and “bad” ones. The question then becomes, are we understanding our feelings using the Feeling Ladder that orients us towards deeper thoughts and feelings – the Ladder that includes the Law of Love – or are we using the Ladder that keeps us in shallow thoughts and feelings?Understanding how your feelings really work will help you in discerning that life changing difference on a daily basis.

On day 3, Tuesday 2nd March

Paradigm Trajectories ©

Every thought everyone experiences is on a trajectory of thoughts. In fact, there’s no thought that isn’t on a trajectory.

Paradigm Trajectories © allow you to connect the “thought” dots together

We’ve all experienced within ourselves how thoughts can lead to further thoughts, sometimes adding up, building a kind of structure of thoughts that feels like a burden, a weight to carry on our shoulders. We can see it on people’s faces, they look like they’ve got something heavy on their minds that’s completely preoccupying them. It is as if they are no longer here, but in a world of their own.

As we’ve been discussing, because we have two ways of using our own one mind, we have two entirely different thought trajectories, or trains of thought. We’re not talking here about what we think, but rather about the fact that every thought comes from either one of the two ways of using our one mind. I call them “Paradigms,” meaning a framework from which all thought emerges. There are only two paradigms and all trajectories of thought only ever belong to one of them.Our learning will involve discerning the differences between the kinds of trajectories and thoughts that each paradigm offers. It becomes apparent to us that one paradigm will do much more for us than the other and we find that we prefer to go in that direction rather than the other. But until we know and learn about trajectories the direction we take will often be random, producing hit-and-miss efforts, never coming to a conclusive explanation of how our thoughts work.What’s truly remarkable, and a source of enormous hope, is that when you see just one thought as being on an unwanted trajectory, the entire trajectory of thoughts will begin to fall away from your life. This results in an enormous subtraction from your mind of unnecessary burdens of thought, enabling you to walk through life with more freedom and aliveness that brings joy and love back into your life. You find yourself receiving and experiencing thoughts from the paradigm where the Law of Love resides.


Individual and Independent Realities ©

In this session, we’re going to be taking a deeper look at relationships. Whether with a loved one, between husband and wife, parent and child, with colleagues at work, or even with strangers, the paradigm we find ourselves in 100% determines how we experience other people.

An entirely fresh and delightful look at Relationships

What’s fascinating is that how we see others is never determined by anything about the other person, or by any of their actions. It is solely determined by the paradigm we are in, and thus the trajectory of thoughts we’re experiencing moment to moment.We all want to connect intimately with others, to understand and be able to empathize with others. When we understand how our own experience works, when we see our own trajectory of thoughts in our relationships, we’re more able to adjust ourselves to the Law of Love in our daily lives.We find ourselves naturally experiencing the more heart-felt connection we’re looking for, seeing that we’re all in the same boat, experiencing life with more awareness that we’re experiencing each other 100% from the paradigm we’re in. More understanding, and the elimination of judgment and blame are the hallmark of the alignment of our experience with the Law of Love.

The Long Term: A life of Insightfulness

For the wrap up, we’ll be taking a look at what the future holds for us, as well as the possibility for clarity and hope that is inherently within.

From the three days we had been learning together, what were possibilities have become more tangible realities for our lives. And we’ve glimpsed how the path to our mental well being all comes down to just one thing. Insight. A sight from within. In – sight.

Insight is the gift that heals your mind. It changes your view of the world, from one of complexity to one of knowing. From a world of analyzing and figuring things out to a world of our natural wisdom that brings practical common sense, showing you the way forward with confidence, ease and calm.

Each and every one of us, is only ever one, and never more than one, insight, thought, feeling, or paradigm away from having a life that is in alignment with the Law of Love.

From that deeper perspective, Mental Health is a given. Love is a given. Happiness is a given. A rich mind is a given. Compassion is a given. All are gifts from within, given to you unconditionally. What a blessing! A quiet mind with an obedient heart is now basking in the warm glow within the Law of Love.

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Your Guide, Brett Chitty

Brett Chitty knows that your understanding into the human experience is not getting the a-ha moment you need.

He believes that every person deserves to know the guiding principles of human experience, so people can live a healthier, happier, resilient and meaningful lives.

When people insightfully recognise the guiding principles, they live a more fulfilling and generous life.

What you get

  1. 1Attend live via Zoom to PTI Live 2021 on all three days
  2. 2Lifetime access to the recordings of PTI Live 2021
  3. 3Lifetime access to the PTI Live 2021 private forum (on our website) including ongoing support and contributions from PTI staff


There is a one-hour break on each day, with a shorter 10-15 minute break in each session. Finishing times are approximate; we will do our best to stick to the times listed above.

Unconditional Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisifed with the 3-day event for any reason, we will give you your money back. And you still keep access to the recordings.

All refund requests must be made by Tuesday March 9th at 11:59 pm GMT.

I can’t make all three days, can I still sign up?

Yes you can.

However, the program is specifically designed to lay down the foundations of mental life and to build upon this foundation to further cement our seeing of mental life.

For this reason, we suggest doing this program in the order laid out, otherwise you could be missing some key elements that could create a misunderstanding.

Is it really lifetime access to recordings?

The recordings are yours for life – for as long as I continue to do this work.

And even if you ask for a refund, you will still get access to the recordings.


100% Unconditional Money Back Guarantee

Didn’t enjoy PTI Live 2021? We’ll refund your money and you keep the recordings. No questions asked. No risk on your end.

Your cost: $249.Available for purchase until March 2nd.