The PTI Membership

The Pathway to Insight Membership

The Pathway to Insight (PTI) membership is a multi-faceted, curriculum-oriented set of “trainings” where you learn about some powerful ideas and concepts that point towards just one thing – Insight. That’s why we call our website, “Pathway to Insight.” We can show you the way to insight, but we cannot make you have an insight.

Insights or “Paradigm-based Insights”?

There are many kinds of insights, and experiencing any of them are always welcome. I’ve never met a person who doesn’t want an insight! At PTI though, we are focused on only one kind of insight. We call them, “Paradigm-based Insights.” These are the kind of insights that where the way a person functions (i.e. think, feel and act) changes as a result of moving from one paradigm to another. When you have a change of paradigm, you are essentially transformed, because the way you think, feel and act have all changed. After all, we’ve never seen any thinking, feeling or action move from one paradigm to another! Leaving one paradigm behind means leaving all the thinking, feelings and actions associated with that paradigm behind as well.

We’ve put in the time and effort so you don’t have to do anywhere near as much

At PTI, we have been blessed to learn about the Three Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought as uncovered by Sydney Banks. It hasn’t been a smooth ride though. We’ve had plenty of difficulties and struggles learning about the Three Principles, hoping it would do something meaningful and beneficial for us, which it did. It wasn’t something we “got” overnight. Sydney Banks, to the best of our knowledge, remains the only person who was transformed overnight, literally (Sydney uncovered these Three Principles after all!). For the rest of us, it’s been many years of looking, investigating, discovering, drawing conclusions, finding out what’s true and what isn’t, and seeing what makes sense and what doesn’t. This leads to incremental step-changes in our human functioning, though the magnitude of these step-changes cannot be predicted in advance.

Reducing your learning curve

The Pathway to Insight Membership actively to reduces your learning curve about human functioning significantly, speeding up the process of having “paradigm-based insights” becoming a natural occurence of your everyday life. This in turn leads to psychologically healthier hearts and minds (thinking and feelings) and healthier living (actions). Your heart and mind join together with you to be on the same team, so all the elements become aligned perfectly.

Although there are many components of human functioning that are covered at Pathway to Insight, all of them are actually based on just one thing. The Three Principles, when viewed as a single entity, has lots of implications, ramifications and corollaries. It is these implications, ramifications and corollaries that we teach at PTI, hoping that you’ll find through insight what it is that connect all of these together.

Tell me more about the PTI Membership

The PTI Membership Library are divided into 5 sections. These are:

  • The Non-Core Section
  • The Foundational Section
  • The “Building-on” Section
  • The Advanced Section
  • The Interactive Section
The Non-Core Section

The Non-Core Section do not require any knowledge of Mind, Thought and Consciousness. And there’s nothing to learn about Mind, Thought and Consciousness here either. Yet, what is presented in this section are still based on these Three Principles. In this section are some ideas that aims to make phrases such as “look within,” or to “look inside” clearer and more tangible.

The Foundational Section

The Foundational Section aims to introduce you to the foundation of the Principles of Mind, Thought and Consciousness. It represents the groundwork, or baseline, of everything that is shared and taught at Pathway to Insight. We are heavily focused on the *Principle* of Thought here, because we have many ideas and thinking about thought that is not consistent with the Principle of Thought. As we get clearer about the Principle of Thought, it creates and enlarges the space for us to have “Paradigm-based Insights.”

The “Building-on” Section

The “Building-on” section are about ideas and concepts that directly builds upon the learnings in the Foundational Section. These ideas will be difficult to grasp, if not impossible, without learning the ideas from the Foundational Section in the first place. It’s designed to further deepen and reinforce your insights into the Three Principles, so that your wisdom has a “stronger hold” of you.

The Advanced Section

The Advanced section are for those who want to go in as deep as possible learning about the Three Principles. The Foundational and “Building-on” sections are still essential as they faciliate ever-deepening realizations and epiphanies about the Three Principles and all the human functioning that is created from it.

The Interactive section

The Interactive section are where the members “steal the show.” This section is member-focused, where the members share their insights, realizations, ask questions, engage in activities. Yes, we have games to play here at PTI as well – we make learning fun and engaging! After all, how can engaging with your own wisdom not be enjoyable?

Keep in Mind…

Please know, the purpose of Pathway to Insight is NOT to make you a wise person in the Three Principles (though it could). Nor is it to make you fill your head as much knowledge as possible about the Three Priinciples (though it could). Pathway to Insight is ALL about just one thing – assisting you to experience Paradigm-based Insights. After all, it is those Paradigm-based Insights that will make you more knowledgable and wiser about the Three Principles, and in turn, human functioning.

What “courses” are included in the PTI Membership?

3 Levels of Membership – Bronze, Silver and Gold

We offer three levels of PTI Membership. The Bronze Membership has the lowest price and is designed for those who are beginning their journey or at least see how the membership is presented to see if it makes sense to continue as a member (or even upgrade to Silver or Gold). The Bronze membership has 9 courses included, mainly focsued on the Foundational Section. It’s the barebones of what we think has the most impact for you to lead a healthier life. The Silver Memberships has more courses and support, and takes the learning further and deeper. The Gold Membership is our flagship membership with all courses available with extensive support.

No-obligation Membership

The PTI membership is a no-obligation membership. You can join at any time, and you can cancel at any time. You’re always only 3 clicks away from cancelling your membership.

The PTI Bronze Membership

There are 1 or 2 meetings per month that Bronze Members can attend live.
The courses included in the PTI Bronze membership are as follows:

The PTI Silver Membership

There are 2 or 3 meetings per month that Silver Members can attend live.
The Silver Membership includes all the courses from the Bronze Membership plus the following below:

The PTI Gold Membership

Gold members can attend every live meeting, every Monday. 4-5 times per month.
The Gold Membership includes all the courses from the Bronze and Silver Membership plus the following below:

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