The Pathway to Insight Values

In the Pathway to Insight Membership, there are two types of meetings. This article explains both and what is in them.

The Values of a PTI Teaching Meeting

The PTI Teaching Meeting are primarily based on Brett Chitty (founder of PTI) teaching the Three Principles in his own unique (and often very unconventional) way to the students. Embedded in the way Brett teches are the values listed below:

1. Educational Value

We learn something of significant value to a person’s life. The student is “exposed” to a new body/order of knowledge about the “Human Experience/Mental Health” occurring within the mind. It is an encounter of a certain kind of thought being brought to light.

2. Tangibility Value

What is learned is something that is tangible, and therefore substantial. There is a strong sense that we are dealing with an actual something and being able to work with it and therefore can understand (“the science”). This allows us an opportunity to take a closer look and see what it means for us as human beings. It’s hopeful. We refuse to engage with something that is “airy-fairy” or “fluffy” – something non-tangible and therefore a sense of hopelessness through a lack of being able to work through it or understanding it.

3. Insightfulness Value

As a result of encountering this new body of knowledge, we take a closer look at it. This gives us brand new ideas that we would otherwise not have had if it hadn’t been for us knowing about this body of knowledge. It gives us profound implications that are built in. This body of knowledge has no beginning or end to it, so we can have insights and continue to learn for the rest of our lives – inside or outside of the PTI meetings. (And lowers the likelihood of this new knowledge from becoming “difficult to grasp” or “I have no idea what that means,” “complicated,” or “confusing.”)

4. Practicality Value

The new knowledge fundamentally changes the way we live as we realise there is another way to live our individual and independent lives. We act differently, one that is more in harmony/alignment with how our hearts and minds work. We think more wisely, we feel more secure, we act/behave healthier, we use more considerate words, and we become more collaborative in our conduct with others.

5. Enjoyability Value

The Teaching sessions at PTI are designed for enjoyment. This value is not an “active value” like the other four values above are, but rather a by-product of all four values above being met. Therefore, it’s an “effortless enjoyment” thing. If there’s effortless enjoyment happening in the PTI classes, chances are that these classes at PTI are educational, tangible, insightful and practical all at once and all at the same time. (and hopefully, all the time too!)

Putting it all together:

As a result of Brett teaching with the above values, the students of PTI become quiet, observant, present, and engaged. They listen naturally and without being told how to listen. They also trust Brett to go where he needs to go, because they know he is taking them on a delightful trip and come to a natural conclusion where everything starts to come together that the students themselves are “rewarded” with their own unique insights that forever impacts their everyday lives in a very positive direction.

The Values of a PTI Group-based Conversation Meeting

The Group-based Conversation meetings are primarily based on all the students determining the direction of how the meeting goes. Embedded in these group-based conversation meetings values are:

1. A Level Playing Field

Everybody has a God-given right to be seen and heard as equals. Whilst everybody is different in the world of matter, psychologically we are no more or less than any other human being. The PTI group-based conversation meetings are NOT determined by the world of matter. We recognise that we all are thinkers. Therefore we meet at the level of thinking and share our thoughts, or whatever occurs in our minds.

2. There’s no-one being dominant

Nobody is dominating in the meeting. There is no-one speaking on top of one or anyone, nor is there any attempt from anyone to get others to think a certain way. Nobody is “hogging” the time to talk either, as we enjoy listening from as many individuals looking in this direction.

3. Permission to say anything

Everyone has been “pre-granted” permission to speak and say whatever they wish to say. Everyone has the space to talk if they so wish. Since thinking is always spontaneous, the space of a group-based meeting is therefore spontaneous, what occurs is therefore not something that cannot be planned for or foreseen in advance.

4. Learning is a Divine Right

Everyone has something to share that we can all learn from. We learn from others (even when it looks like there’s nothing to learn from), and others learn from us, (even when it looks like “I” have nothing to offer them). Because learning is spontaneous, we never lose the opportunity to learn. It’s surprising and delightful how much learning actually takes place, and we are left feeling blessed to realise something of positive value.

5. Connection

There is no categorisation of people. If we categorise people, then we create separation and division, losing the possibility of us being connected. At PTI, we refuse without exception, to let age, gender, race, qualifications, background, religion, job, location, identity, wealth, health, circumstances, events, politics or culture get in the way of all of us being connected in our meetings.

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