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Video 3: The Formless and the Form, Discovering there is no Outside

Once one realises there is no outside, it will no longer make sense for the person to look outside to discover their own mental health and resilience, because it can only be found in the inside. In this video, Brett attempts to convey the often-surprising idea that there is no outside in the first place.

Consider the following two quotes by Sydney Banks:

Someone once said to me, ‘Are you telling me that chair isn’t real, that it’s only thought?’ I said ‘Of course the chair is real. But it comes to you via Thought’.


There is nothing outside that can help you.
There is nothing outside that can hurt you.
Because there is no outside.

I don’t know about you, but for a long time I thought these two quotes were contradictory. The chair, which Syd says is real, is on the outside, and and yet there is no outside. How can something be real (chair) and not exist (outside) at the same time?

It took me years before I had insight that gave me the realisation I needed, even if there was no way I could’ve guessed it in advance. There really is no Outside.

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